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Symposium on Melanocytic Lesions

The Department of Pathology, Zealand University Hospital, invites all to a Symposium focusing on the vexing nature of melanocytic lesions. The symposium hosts the world renowned Dermatopathologist, prof. Eduardo Calonje, London and other intruiging contributions from Plastic surgeons and Dermatologist on clinical aspects and recent research.

fredag den 2. juni 2023
Kl. 14:00 - 17:00
Store Auditorium, Vestermarksvej 16, 4000 Roskilde
Pris: Free

Programme for the day

13:30 Sandwich, soft drinks and networking

14:00 Welcome by Lise Mette Rahbek Gjerdrum1, Ass. research professor, consultant pathologist, PhD

14:10 Melanocytic neoplasms: morphological and molecular correlations
by professor Eduardo Calonje2 , chief dermatopathologist 15:00 Dermloop - a collaboration between clinicians and pathologists by Gustav Gede Nervil3, PhD student and Birgitte Bols4, consultant pathologist

15:30 Coffee break and networking

15:45 The correlation between dermoscopy and histopathology by Niels Kvorning3, PhD

16:00 Histopathological diagnostic accuracy – clinical information, dermoscopy and histopathological diagnoses
by Louisa Bønløkke Nervil3, MD 16:15 Proteome studies in nevi and melanoma by Soraya Naimy1, PhD

16:30 Proteomics in melanoma research by Beatrice Dyring-Andersen5, Ass. research professor, PhD 16:45 Can circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) predict and reveal recurrence in melanoma? by Magnus Obinah3, PhD student

17:00 Closure by Beatrice Dyring-Andersen5, Ass. research professor, PhD


Register your paticipation

Registration for both physical and online attendance required before May 12th to mbje@regionsjaelland.dk.