Forskere og affilierede forskere

​Researchers employed in the Research and Innovation center for Multimorbidity: 

  • Anne Frølich, Head of Center, professor in multimorbidity and chronic conditions
  • Nina Kamstrup-Larsen, Ph.d., researcher
  • Sanne lykke Lundstrøm, Ph.d. researcher
  • Cæcilie Hansen, Ph.d. student, University of Copenhagen

Affiliated r​​​esearches:

  • Nasrin Asgari , Professor, M.D., Ph.D., DMSc,  Institute of Regional Health Research, Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Southern Denmark 
  • Anders Reenberg, post.doc. researcher, DTU
  • Michael Hvidberg, Ph.d. senior researcher, York University
  • Guillermina Eslava, statistician, senior researcher 

Affil​iated Ph.d. Students:

  • Catherine Bell: Multimorbidity – planning of out-patient pathways. Aarhus University
  • Camilla Wong-Smith: Patient pathways in chronic care. University of Copenhagen
  • Nikolaj Holm: Multimorbidity patient trajectories focusing on people with chronic heart and psychiatric conditions. Technical Universty of Denmark and University of Copenhagen
  • Elton Lobo: Towards creating meaningful interventions for stroke caregiving. University of Copenhagen and Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Claudia Bagge-Petersen: Chronic conditions and Health informatics support in children. University of Copenhagen
  • Jenny Barr: Empowering patients with kidney disease to become decision-making partners in an enabled health system environment. University of Copenhagen and Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia​

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