The Neurological Department is active in research in the great neurological diseases stroke and dementia and in clinical neurophysiology and nursing

Research in Department of Neurology

Research is a natural part of our daily activities. The department is active in research in the great neurological diseases stroke, dementia and clinical neurophysiology.

Neurovascular Diseases

Neurovascular Research Unit is a part of Department of Neurology. The Neurovascular Center N80 is a comprehensive stroke unit and handles of all aspects of stroke from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation

Dementia Disorders

Regional Dementia Research Center is a part of the Department of Neurology. We undertake evaluation and treatment of patients with memory problems and possible dementia.

Clinical Neurophysiology

Research in clinical neurophysiology is organized in the Neurophysiology Research Unit, which is a part of the Neurological Department at Zealand University Hospital, Roskilde.

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Klinisk Forsknings Enhed
Sjællands Universitetshospital, Roskilde
Sygehusvej 10
4000 Roskilde



You can find our publications in the regional annual reports of research her​e​ (in Danish).

Current Research
Neurovascular Diseases
  • The HUNT
  • NATIS​
Dementia Disorders
  • YOD
  • ADEX
Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Biometric Healthcare Research Platform: Multimodal monitoring in Epilepsy
  • Ear-EEG for Sleep Monitoring
  • A Life with Epilepsy
  • Investigating Photostimulation as a Therapeutic Intervention for Alzheimer's Disease
  • Experience of monitoring
Clinical Nursing Research
  • ​Hospitality: Patients' experiences of the importance of the surroundings during hospitalization