Research in Department of Neurology

Research is a natural part of our daily activities. The department is active in research in the great neurological diseases stroke, dementia and clinical neurophysiology.

​Clinical Neurophysiology​

​​The Department of Neurology has three important focus areas.

The clinical focus is to diagnose, treat and care for patients with diseases in the nerves and the brain.

The research focus ensures high standards and acquisition of new knowledge. New treatment methods emanates from research.

The education focus ensures a high standard of clinical care for present and future patients.

Research fields

The department’s research strategy is anchored in the widespread diseases stroke and dementia. The incidence of stroke and dementia is increasing as a result of the rising elderly population.

Our research in clinical neurophysiology is focused on the use of new technologies in diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases and the following rehabilitation.

We have a high standard of clinical care which is fundamental to solid research. Our research is clinical applicable. The gap between reflection and action is short. The day-to-day operation is continuously accustomed the research projects.


The research in the Department of Neurology is interdisciplinary with: 

  • A professor
  • Andrea Rossetti, as international adjunct professor with Univervsity of Copenhagen
  • Neurology and clinical neurophysiology consultants neurology and clinical neurophysiology consultants
  • Residents
  • PhD-students
  • Research fellows
  • Research year students
  • Nurses
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Neurophysiology assistants.

The main actors are:

Neurovascular diseases 

  • Troels Wienecke, MD, PhD, Clinical associate professor, Consultant in neurology, Head of neurovascular diseases
  • Louise Feldborg Lyckhage, MD, PhD-student
  • Henriette Bus​​k, PhD-student
  • Erling Bo Andersen, MD, Consultant in neurology


  • ​Peter Høgh, MD, PhD, clinical associate research professor, Consultant in neurology, Head of dementia
  • Susanne Kristiansen, Research nurse

Clinical neurophysiology

  • Ivan Chrilles Zibrandtsen, MD, PhD, post doc
  • Sigge Weisdorf, MD, PhD-student,
  • Peter Brunes, M.Sc, PhD-student
  • Sofie Drevsholt Jørgensen, MD, PhD-student.
  • Sirin Gangstad,  M.Sc, PhD-student.

Research environment

The Clinical Research Unit office is manned by Anette Tabor and Helle Herling Kieldsen.

The department collaborates with University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, University of Aarhus and several university hospitals. Additionally we have international collaborators in several research projects.

The research staff is integrated in the daily clinical setting. We have office facilities and dedicated research areas and there is a close interaction between clinicians and researchers. We teach medical students and staff from other sectors and provide guidance and supervision of bachelor and master theses.​​​​​​​​​​

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 Ongoing projects

Neurovascular Diseases

• The HUNT
• Mestinon
Dementia Diseases

• Ear EEG in epilepsi and sleep
• Ultra long-term EEG in epilepsi
• Brain plasticity
• Tech Towns - NorDigHealth
  • Hospitality
  • Coping in Parkinson

 Abstracts 2015

European Conference on Epilepsy, Vienna 2018: