Neurovascular Diseases

Neurovascular Research Unit is a part of Department of Neurology. The Neurovascular Center N80 is a comprehensive stroke unit and handles of all aspects of stroke from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation

​​Research Projects

Our research projects uncover the interaction between brain, nerves, blood vessels and the heart. Our aim is to investigate the different factors that ensures adequate blood flow to the brain (cerebral hemodynamic). These factors are, among others, autonomic dysfunction, atrial fibrillation and stroke, sonothrombolysis, acute and prophylactic anti platelet therapy and rehabilitation.

Our research is clinically applicable. Results can be immediately incorporated in the clinical care of patients to improve treatment.

Research is a natural part of the daily work and involves different occupational groups, wards and out-patient clinics.

Among other things we do tilt-tests, heart rhythm monitoring (Holter), rehabilitation, elektroencephalography (EEG), ultrasound and analysis of particular blood samples.

Research staff
The research in the Neurovascular Research Unit is led by consultant Troels Wienecke. The staff is interdisciplinary and involves: consultants in neurology and clinical neurophysiology, residents, PhD-fellows, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, students of neurophysiology and secretaries.

The Neurovascular Research Unit has an extensive network of collaborators both national and abroad with hospitals, universities and companies.

Researchers play an active role in the education of medical students and other occupational groups and provide guidance and supervision of bachelor- and master theses.

More information
You can find a list of publications from the neurovascular research group as well as previous and ongoing projects at the home page for the Department of Neurology:​

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 Ongoing projects


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