Dementia Disorders

Regional Dementia Research Center is a part of the Department of Neurology. We undertake evaluation and treatment of patients with memory problems and possible dementia.

​​Evaluation of complicated patients with cognitive dysfunction or uncertain diagnoses has been designated a regional specialized function (Regionsfunktion) in Denmark, and the memory clinic in Roskilde is the only facility in Region Zealand approved to operate the specialized function (Danish Board of Health).

Dementia disorders have become more prevalent with increasing average mean age in the general population. Advanced age is the most important known risk factor for dementia. But in recent years, there is also increasing focus on young onset dementia (onset before age of 65 years) and improved diagnostic methods, development of new technologies and methods suggest that dementia in the younger population is far more prevalent than previously thought. 

Dementia affects a broad part of the population and consequently leads to a massive consumption of ressources in the danish health care system. Based on epidemiological studies, it has been estimated that the prevalence of dementia will double from app. 100.000 cases in 2014 to about 180.000 cases in 2040. 

There is still no efficient treatment for the most frequent dementia disorders, thus dementia research has been given top priority in health organisations (WHO) and also within the EU there is increasing interest in the potential benefits from prevention and interactions in life-style in dementia disorders.

Research Projects
The purpose of the research projects conducted at Regional Dementia Research Center is therefore to achieve new knowledge about the brain and central nervous system, in particular related to risk factors and biomarkers (advanced brain imaging, cerebro spinal fluid samples etc.), which have the potential to predict dementia disorders and how they progress. In this context, we conduct projects on the application of new evaluation- and treatment methods, as well as clinical dementia research and clinical drug trials. 

We conduct clinical research projects which merely immediately after project termination can be relevant to everyday clinical routine and improvement of patient treatment and care.

The research projects are undertaken as a natural part of every day routine clinical work across multiple health care disciplines, during which we among other routines assess cognitive functions and perform patient interviews with intimate involvement of relatives and caregivers.

Research networks
The Regional Dementia Research Center participates in several both national and international research networks, and we have a substantial network of collaboration partners both nationally and internationally, which comprises both hospitals, universities and private companies.
In close collaboration with the danish national dementia research centre, Rigshospitalet, we operate the Danish Dementia Biobank

The research group
The Regional Dementia Research Center is directed by dr. Peter Høgh, Head of Neurological Research, Clinical Associate Research Professor, Universi​ty of Copenhagen, consultant neurologist, MD, ph.d.

​The research is conducted in close collaboration with nurse specialists, junior physicians, phd-students, physiotherapists, neuropsychologists, neurophysiology assistants, biomedical laboratory technicians and secretaries.

We supervise medical students i.e. scholarship students, bachelor- and candidate master theses, and we participate in the teaching programs for all health care professionals both within and outside the hospital facility.

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