Clinical Neurophysiology

Research in clinical neurophysiology is organized in the Neurophysiology Research Unit, which is a part of the Neurological Department at Zealand University Hospital, Roskilde.

​​​Research projects

Our work is concerned about understanding the human brain through analysis of its electrical signals. We use specialized equipment to influence and record this activity. Our primary research areas are epilepsy, disorders of consciousness, rehabilitation and development/testing of personal assistive devices for epilepsy monitoring. Our research is principally directed towards clinical applicability.

In daily practice research activity recruits expertise from multiple professions and various subspecialties. We perform electroencephalography (EEG), nerve conduction studies (NCS), electromyography (EMG), tilt table tests, carotid ultrasound, evoked potentials (SEP,VEP,BAEP and MEP) and investigations used in sleep medicine.

We have many external research collaborators nationally and internationally at hospitals, universities and private companies. Our focus is to generate scientific results of international significance and assist the medico-technical industry in development and testing of new technology, which could benefit patients in their daily lives.

Staff at the neurophysiology research unit

The unit presently occupy 3 PhD students (2 MDs, 1 M.Sc.Eng) as well as a number of pre-graduate and graduate students from various disciplines. We collaborate with physicians in neurology and related specialities, engineers, psychologists, neurophysiology technicians and physiotherapists, who have a special interest the human brain.​

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