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The Department of Neurology collaborates with the Institute of Public Health, Department of Nursing Science at Aarhus University. Our main focus is hospital meals and we explore the patient’s perspectives of mealtimes in the PhD study 'Quiet Please'.

​​The picture is from the movie about the Ph.D. study ‘Quiet Please’​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​Ph.D. study ‘Quiet Please’

Even though a determined effort has been made to optimise the nutrition of hospitalised patients, the meal situation and how it is organised, its relational and aesthetic aspects have not received similar attention. This means that all other tasks continue with undiminished intensity when patient meals are served.​​

The Ph.D. study 'Quiet Please' intends to improve hospital meals. Food is more than just nutrition and also contains some social and sensual aspects that are important to patients' desire to eat in a hospital. Therefore, the aim of the study is to provide research-based knowledge about patients' experience of hospital meals. This knowledge forms the basis for the development and improvement of the mealtimes through an intervention that changes the activity of the traditional hospital meal, so that patients gets the necessary peace to eat and the meal gets the required attention from health professionals.

The study has a qualitative approach. Patients are being interviewed about their experience of the hospital meal. In this way it is possible to achieve nuanced insight and understanding of what patients themselves when eating in the hospital. The new knowledge gained from this study can form the basis of a modified food culture in hospitals and is expected to be generalized to other hospital departments in Denmark.

The Ph.D. study 'Quiet Please' is a natural part of the daily workload across disciplines and sub-specialties in the wards. All multi-disciplinary staff that daily is represented in the wards is involved in the study. ‘Quiet Please’ distinguishes from other studies at the department by involving all multi-disciplinary staffs in being active participants during the mealtimes. This has been communicated during interdisciplinary conferences, medical conferences and staff meetings where positive frames around the mealtime situation were created. In this process the importance of peace during mealtimes and the knowledge of a "good meal" being more than just food lying on a plate were understood by the professionals.

See the movie about the study ’Quiet Please’.

Project management
The study is lead by Malene Beck, RN, MSN, PhD Student.
Malene Beck is a member of the 'Research and Development Council’ at Roskilde-Køge Hospital and a member of the ‘Network for Educational Development and Research Responsible’ at Roskilde-Køge Hospital'.
Besides the Ph.D. study ‘Quiet please’ Malene Beck supervises bachelor and master students and participates in the education of all professional groups inside and outside the hospital.

Financial support
'Quiet please' is the first nursing Ph.D. study at Roskilde Hospital and has received financial support from 'The Multidisciplinary Board of Education', 'Health Research Foundation, Region Zealand' and Research Unit, Region Zealand.

If you want to know more inquiries can be made by contacting Ph.D. student Malene Beck at the following address:

Sjællands Universitetshospital
Neurologisk Afdeling, Roskilde
Sygehusvej 10
4000 Roskilde
Att .: Malene Beck
e-mail: ros-neu@regionsjaelland.dk​​​​

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