Ongoing research

For more details about each project, we kindly refer to the PURE-profile for the respective researchers.

As Clinical Professor and Research Director, Erik Simonsen is affiliated with all the following projects - in most cases as PI and/or academic supervisor. The listed researchers below are key figures for the projects in question.

Research on treatment data


  • Cochrane Meta-analyses and guidelines for psychological and pharmacological treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder – including individual participant data analysis, predictors and moderators of effects (see CEBP for further information).
    Erik Simonsen ​(PI)
    Ole Jakob Storebø​
    Mickey T. Kongerslev​​
  • M-GAB Project: Mentalization-based treatment in Groups for Adolescents with Borderline personality disorder - with follow-up studies and prediction of dropout.
    Erik Simonsen​ (PI)
    Mie Sedoc Jørgensen​​
    Sune Bo ​
  • Conceptual and research-informed development of treatment program and guidelines tailored to adolescents with borderline personality disorders
    Sune Bo ​
  • Drug-treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder: A phase II randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled parallel group trial to examine the efficacy and safety of 4 oral doses of “BI 1358894” (a highly potent and selective TRPC 4/5 Inhibitor) once daily over a 12 week treatment period. Coordinated by Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH.
    Erik Simonsen​​ (PI)
    Lise Bachmann Østergaard ​
    Ole Jakob Storebø​
    Bo Bach ​​
  • Analyses of data from the (MENTAB) project: Mentalization-based treatment of women with borderline personality disorder
    Erik Simonsen​ (PI)
    Martin Vestergaard Gøtzsche ​
  • Using Apps in the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorders [https://bpno.dk/artikler/anvendelse-af-apps-i-behandling-af-borderline-personlighedsforstyrrelse-en-god-loesning/]
    Stephen F. Austin​
    Ali Abbas Shaker ​​
  • Positive affect in Borderline Personality Disorder: Using diary methods in daily life and single-case intervention research Tine Stougaard Dall Harpøth
    Mickey T. Kongerslev ​​
  • The role of personality functioning and traits in transdiagnostic psychotherapy for emotional disorders – the UP-protocol.
    Sidse Marie Arnfred  ​
  • Collaborative implementation of clinical measurement of personality functioning and traits in Region Zealand’s clinical personality disorder program of “Tema-Baseret Samarbejde” (TBS)
    Bo Bach​​
    Sidse Marie Arnfred ​
  • Development and evaluation of phenomenological psychotherapy (i.e., art- and movement therapy) for patients with shizotypal disorder (schizotypal personality disorder).
    Kåre Donskov Nielsen
    Sidse Marie Arnfred

Research on psychopathology and assessment


  • Experiences with caregivers and involvement in psychotherapy for patients with a personality disorder
    Tine Harpøth​
    Mickey T. Kongerslev​
    Stig Poulsen
    Sebastian Simonsen
  • BCAM Part I: Borderline Conditions and the Alternative Model (Psychopathology)
    Maria Meisner
    Martin Vestergaard Gøtzsche
    Mickey T. Kongerslev
    Bo Bach
  • BCAM Part II: Borderline Conditions and the Alternative Model (Cognitive Functions)
    Lea Steen Petersen
    Martin Vestergaard Gøtzsche  
  • ICD-11 Classification of Personality disorders: Development of research-informed clinical guidelines;  Development and evaluation of the Personality Disorder Severity – ICD-11 (PDS-ICD-11) scale [self-report and clinician-report forms]; contribution to WHO Field Trials for ICD-11 personality disorders; and preparation of clinical implementation.
    Bo Bach
  • Traumatic Experiences, Dissociation, Personality Functioning, and Traits in Patients with Complex PTSD
    Lise Møller
    Bo Bach
  • Differential diagnosis between ICD-11 Complex PTSD and Personality Disorder
    Bo Bach
    Lise Møller
  • Follow-up research on personality features in forensic psychiatric patients with schizophrenia – prediction of criminal acts
    Sune Bo 
  • Assessing Reflective Functioning in youths with and without borderline traits: Psychometric validation of the Reflective Functioning Questionnaire for Youth (RFQY) in a Danish adolescent clinical and non-clinical sample.
    Signe Hagelskjær Lund
    Mie Sedoc Jørgensen
    Bo Bach
    Sune Bo

Epidemiological and community-based research


  • Register-Based study of Socio-Economic Costs of Personality Disorders, Schizotypal Disorder, and Co-morbidity​
    Lene Halling Hastrup
  • Epidemiological/register project mapping recorded PD diagnoses in Danish Mental Health Care, including Adolescent and Adult populations.
    Mickey T. Kongerslev
  • Collecting normative data from the general community for ICD-11 and DSM-5 personality instruments – via the PROM-PAD project: Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Personality, Anxiety, and Depression.
    Bo Bach

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