Our history and heritage

​​Left to right: Niels Strandbygaard, Erik Simonsen, Theodore Millon​​
​The Center for Personality Disorder Research (CPDR) exists in continuation of a long tradition of personality disorder research in Denmark under the leadership of Professor Erik Simonsen.
Our history can be traced back to a study group on Millon’s theory of personality disorder in the 1980s, which was initiated by Niels Strandbygaard, a psychiatrist at Slagelse General Hospital. This enterprise was carried on by Erik Simonsen who together with Theodore Millon established the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ISSPD) at its first International Congress in Copenhagen, in 1988.

This local pioneering work has facilitated a growing international exchange between American and European mental health professionals and researchers, which remain an important part of our collaborative network in CPDR. In the wake of these activities, Professor Erik Simonsen has served as President of the ISSPD, has founded the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Section on Personality Disorders, and has chaired the WPA/ISSPD Educational Program on Personality Disorders. Professor Simonsen (in collaboration with Thomas A. Widiger) was later entrusted by the NIMH, the WHO, and the APA to take the lead in preparing the grounds for a reclassification of PD (see Widiger & Simonsen, 2005). ​

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