Opportunities for involvement

For university students and post-graduates.

The CPDR offers at least three opportunities for involvement in frontline research on personality and psychopathology: Undergraduate internships, voluntary research assistant positions, a funded pregraduate research year, and writing an empirical master’s thesis. For some candidates, these activities may pave the way for postgraduate PhD, postdoctoral or clinical positions.
All students are offered co-authorship on our publications according to their contributions.

Undergraduate internship (“praktik”) and research assistant positions

The CPDR trains competitive undergraduate volunteer applicants in clinical research related to personality and psychopathology including systematic reviews, research design, data collection, and execution. Interns may typically get access to already collected data.


Pregraduate research year

Medical and psychology students may apply for a 1-year pregraduate research year at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark. This provides an opportunity to focus on research and thereby get acquainted with relevant research methods, scientific literature and research in general. Research topics must preferably be related to a previous internship project or at least the field of personality and psychopathology. The research year should result in a submission to a peer-reviewed journal, which must be written in English. The CPDR usually provides the student with data, or in certain cases, the student may collect own data if possible.

In corporation with a project supervisor from CPDR, the applicant must write a research proposal and apply for approval at the Graduate School through one of the two yearly rounds of application.

Writing your empirical master’s thesis

With priority given to students who have completed their internship in CPDR or have completed a pregraduate research year, we accept to supervise 1-3 talented MSc-students per semester. This opportunity applies to students who are interested in pursuing a special interest in personality disorders, personality assessment, and psychopathology. The MSc-thesis should be empirically based, be written in English, and eventually submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. We usually provide the student with data.


Instructions for applicants

If you are interested in any of the aforementioned opportunities (e.g., internship, voluntary research assistant positions, pregraduate research year, and writing empirical MSc-thesis), please forward your CV with resume highlighting your motivation and preferably attaching one of your completed assignments (written in English) to Bo Bach: bbpn@regionsjaelland.dk. We prioritize applicants who are interested in a combined internship followed by research-year and/or writing of an empirical MSc-thesis within the same topic – beginning with internship. Please note that we greatly appreciate the time and interest of all candidates, however, only those who are selected for an interview will be contacted.

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