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Purpose and aim for Center for Personality Disorder Research

Center for Personality Disorder Research (CPDR) develops and carries out research on personality disorders in the Psychiatric Research Unit at the Copenhagen University Hospital, Region Zealand, as well as in collaboration with a range of external research centers and official bodies.

Our research focuses on expanding our understanding of personality disorders and related mental disorders (e.g., anxiety and depression) in order to develop better evidence-based nosology, assessment, classification, and treatment. The continued effort towards developing new projects takes place in collaboration with other groups affiliated with the Psychiatric Research Unit as well as national and international research groups and institutions (see below). As part of this effort, CPDR offers to function as an advisory body for researchers and research interested clinicians in initiating and planning research projects - both pre- and postgraduate.

CPDR is committed to advancing the scientific knowledge and treatment of personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder as well as personality traits and the overall severity of personality dysfunction for mental disorders in general. We have an already well-established tradition for clinical research on the Alternative Model of Personality Disorders (AMPD), including the PID-5, LPFS, the SCID-AMPD, and algorithms for ICD-11 classification. Likewise, we have a well-established tradition for clinical research on mechanisms and outcome in treatment approaches such as Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT), Schema Therapy (SFT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for personality disorders in adolescents and adults. Finally, we are involved in systematic reviews on treatment of personality disorders (e.g., Cochrane reviews on psychological and pharmacological interventions).

We aim to

  • Conduct clinical research on personality disorders
  • Initiate, facilitate and support national and international collaboration
  • Promote evidence-based clinical practice (both assessment and treatment) in discussion with the affiliated Centre for Evidence-Based Psychiatry (CEBP)
  • Develop, adapt and validate new screening tools and clinical interviews to improve diagnostics and classification - especially in relation to ICD-11 and DSM-5
  • Map the socio-economic burden of personality disorders and cost-effectiveness of treatment
  • Conduct meta-analytic and systematic reviews

We are

Erik Simonsen
MD, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry
Head of Lab
Bo Bach
PhD, Senior Research Associate
Part-time clinical psychologist
Tine Harpøth
PhD, Postdoctoral Associate
Part-time clinical psychologist
​Dorit Mortensen

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