Our goal

Purpose and aim of Center for Personality Disorder Research

​CPDR is committed to advancing the understanding, classification, assessment, and treatment of personality disorders and related mental disorders. This includes borderline, avoidant, schizotypal, and narcissistic personality disorders along with related aspects of complex psycho-traumatology, dissociation, and the borderland of psychotic-like symptomatology and emotional dysregulation. Most recently we have also begun research on the ICD-11 classification of personality disorder severity and trait domain qualifiers, including its implementation in clinical practice.

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We seek to facilitate research based on internship, pre-graduate (including master thesis), post-graduate, Ph.D., and post-doctorate projects.

CPDR is advisor for Region Zealand treatment programs ("Tema-Baseret Samarbejde") for personality, anxiety, and depression.

Main strategic research areas

We generally seek to conduct clinical research on personality pathology in adults and adolescents with respect to psychological mechanisms, assessment, and treatment:

  • Initiate, facilitate and support local, national, and international collaboration
  • Evaluate treatment of personality disorders in adolescents and adults
  • Promote evidence-based clinical practice in collaboration with the affiliated Centre for Evidence-Based Psychiatry (CEBP)
  • Develop, adapt, and validate assessment tools and clinical interviews to improve classification and personalized clinical management and treatment
  • Map the socio-economic burden of personality disorders and cost-effectiveness of treatment
  • Conduct meta-analytic and systematic reviews in collaboration with CEBP
  • Translate research into updated clinical guidelines, manuals, and textbook chapters


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