International collaboration

Danish / Dutch Safeward Project Group focused on creating "A Care-full and Safe Inpatient Environment".

​The core mission of these sessions is to exchange expertise, knowledge and leadership aspects in relation to creating a care-full and Safe Inpatient Environment to minimize coercive intervention in services that deal with people with psychiatric issues.

The theoretical framework is six core strategy and safewards.

The collaboration is based on mutual equality and the principles of co-creation by means of joint action research methodology. In this integrative approach we try to balance theory, practice and structured reflection in order, for all participants to achieve learning. We hope to create new knowledge about how to perform practical training in psychiatric settings. The co-creation of the meetings means that participants must participate in gaining data for evaluation, such as frequent break through validation sessions, ethnographic notes, qualitative interviews. As well as they must raise new questions concerning future perspectives.


Past meetings 24th of February


Next meeting 24th of march

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Psykiatrien Region Sjælland
Kompetencecenter for Relationer og Deeskalering
Fælledvej 6
Bygning 3, 1. sal
4200 Slagelse

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