Info about COVID-19 in other languages

Listen or read about Corona Info from Danish Health Authority in your language: Turkish, Farsi, Arabic, Bosnian, Tamil, Tigrinya, Somali, Russian, Polish, Serbo Croatian, Kurdish, Urdu and Swahilli.

Many refugees and people with an immigrant background have not yet been vaccinated. You might worry about whether the corona vaccine has side effects.

Unfortunately, one can still get sick from COVID-19, and many relatively young people are getting hospitalized. 

​The Immigrant Medicine Clinic in Odense has made videos and translated information from the Danish Health Authority into several languages.

In the video doctors and nurses from the clinic are telling you why it can be a good idea to be vaccinated.

Video in Danish:

<23video src="//regionsjaelland.23video.com/v.ihtml/player.html?token=0f9c5dc004790edf6b0f70e630943053&source=embed&photo%5fid=70581329">

Morten Sodemann is the Danish Professor at The Immigrant Medicine Clinic in Odense. The video shows some of his doctors telling reasons why it is important that you get vaccination.

Video in Danish, Somali and Arabic

<23video src="//regionsjaelland.23video.com/v.ihtml/player.html?token=eb1c0ad557e9d9d51642e6ed43c7ce46&source=embed&photo%5fid=70581336">

The same video with Morten Sodemann and two of his doctors telling reasons why it is important that you get vaccination.
In Somali (0:31) and Arabic (0:52).

Listen or read about Corona Information from Danish Health Authority in your language.​

Click on the links below to either listen or read the information in your language:

Turkish Covid-19 information:

Farsi Covid-19 information

Arabic Covid-19 information:

Bosnian Covid-19 information:

Tamil Covid-19 information:

Tigrinya Covid-19 information:

Somali Covid-19 information:

Russian Covid-19 information:

Polish Covid-19 information:

Serbo Coatian Covid-19 information:

Kurdish Kurmanji Covid-19 information:

Urdu Covid-19 information:

Swahili Covid-19 information:

For more information, please go to website of The Immigrant Medicine Clinic

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