Infrastructure and market

We are offering a cutting-edge building project with good infrastructure and easy access to the Baltic Sea.


The construction is taking place in a rapidly developing region. The Køge area will have a total of EUR 3,2 billion being invested ontil 2025, making it a rapidly growing area. The following are examples of building and construction projects in Køge area:

  • New trainstation
  • Skandinavisk Transport Center
  • Residential area Køge Nord
  • Residential area Køge Kyst
  • Køge Bugt Motorway
  • Expanded Køge Havn (port facilities)
  • High-speed railway link from Copenhagen to Køge
  • Campus Køge
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Project University Hospital Køge
Managing Project Director Helle Gaub
Tlf. +45 24 96 97 34
Lykkebækvej 1

4600 Køge

Client Consultant
Peter Bjersing, COWI A/S

29 29 64 72, 45 29 29 64 72