Medical doctor in Denmark

Almost all doctors working in Denmark are members of the Danish Medical Association (DMA) which makes Danish doctors a significant voice in representing the interests of doctors and health issues in general.

The total number of members per January 1, 2015 are 27,611. There are three subdivisions:

  • Danish Association of Junior Hospital Doctors (Yngre Læger or YL): 11,487 members 
  • Danish Association of Medical Specialists (FAS): 8,205 members 
  • Organisation of General Practitioners in Denmark (PLO): 5,203 members 
  • Student membership: None (not open for students) 
As a member of the DMA you have access to a large number of benefits and services:

  • guidance on salaries and working conditions,
  • legal advice and counselling,
  • career advice,
  • network with and support from other doctors,
  • reduced prices on a range of products and services, such as insurances,
  • and many other benefits.
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