Region Zealand

Region Zealand is one of five regions in Denmark. Comprising 17 municipalities, the region encompasses an area of 7.273 square kilometers.

The five regions of Denmark. Region Zealand (in blue) comprises a large part of Zealand, the islands of Lolland, Falster and Møn and several smaller islands.

  • ​​​​Population: 821.000
  • Budget: Approx. 17 billion DKK
Region Zealand performs two main tasks: Regional development and operational enterprise in the area of healthcare a well as social affairs.

Region Zealand's vision is to create the best framework for sustainable growth and quality of life for its citizens.

A popular form of transportation.

A fine place to live!

Region Zealand and its achipelago offers many attractions which can be experienced by (easy) daytrips from Copenhagen as well as island-hopping holidays exploring mighty chalky cliffs, age-old castles and ancient viking heritage.


Fields in bloom is a common sight during summer in Denmark.


The old town of Køge. 


Møns Klint.


Kalvehave Harbour.


One of Zealand's many lovely beaches.

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