Primary and eHealth Care

Primary and eHealth Care helps to ensure easy and equal access to better healthcare for all the region’s citizens. Watch videos of the patients.

About the  Primary and eHealth Care.

The Primary and eHealth Care is a service that comes under Region Zealand, responsible for a number of development activities in collaboration with hospitals, municipalities, the practice sector and the public.

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​Watch the 'Healthcare Close to You. A presentation of 'Primary & eHealth Care' video.

Healthcare Close to You.

This is the headline for our strategy and everything we work with in the Primary and eHealth Care.

  • We will work to create greater coherence in the healthcare system. For the citizens of Region Zealand.

  • We want to move the healthcare system closer to the everyday lives of the public. We are ready to break new ground and rethink the way we offer healthcare. In the future, the region’s citizens will increasingly interface with the health service in their own homes.

  • We have activities at several sites, including Regionshuset Sorø, in Næstved and in COVID-19 test and vaccination centres around the region. In total, we have a staff of more than 1500 people.

The Primary and eHealth Care focuses on developing its culture of improvement. Data support for the work we do, systematic follow-up and weekly whiteboard meetings are among the tools we use to ensure innovation, coordination, overview, knowledge-sharing, learning and a healthy working environment.

Our development work takes place in ongoing dialogue with the citizens of Region Zealand, so that we constantly live up to their expectations and needs.

Meet the patients

Pensioner Boye Hansen on Home Diagnostics

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Farmer Jan Mortensen on Hospital at Home/eHealth

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'Healthcare Close to You'

The Strategy of Primary and eHealth Care

To ensure direction and consistent decision-making for our vision, Primary and eHealth Care works on the basis of the following six principles:

  1. ​Proximity and accessibility
    What can be provided locally must be provided locally.

  2. Digital rights.
    Anyone who can and will shall have the right to choose digital services.

  3. Changes where they result in improvements.
    Healthcare solutions close to the user will be tested on an ongoing basis, with changes implemented broadly where they have a proven positive effect.

  4. Best possible healthcare for the money.
    Organisation and skills must be continuously adapted to healthcare provision in new ways.

  5. Flexible healthcare solutions.
    Equality in healthcare is promoted by finding solutions based on the situation of the user.

  6. Healthcare solutions must promote health.
    The public must be offered solutions that prevent illness and promote good quality of life in the event of illness.


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