About ZUH

Zealand University Hospital is the latest university hospital to be established in Denmark. The hospital have at partnered with the University of Copenhagen for many years.

In accordance with the Hospital Scheme 2010 of Region Zealand, the Zealand University Hospital in Køge will be the main hospital gathering all specialised treatments of the region.

By 2022 Zealand University Hospital, Køge will be the undisputed main hospital of region Zealand, Denmark, gathering all specialised treatments as well as educational and learning environment for medical staff.

The university hospital will be the center of clinical development and clinical co-operation between the hospitals in the region. The treatment profile will be developed in duality with the other five hospitals in the region.

2016 - start-up of site development
2017 - start-up of stage 1 of construction
2022 - fully functional hospital
Existing hospital in Køge
Square meters: 64.500
Number of beds: 296
Building height in meters: 10
Admissions per year: 22.000
Visitors per year: 57.000
Staff: 1600
New hospital - Zealand University Hospital
Square meters: 185.000
Number of beds: 830
Building height in meters: 55
Admissions per year: 90.000
Visitors per year: 400.000
Staff: 4.000

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Zealand University Hospital
Sygehusvej 10
4000 Roskilde
Tlf. +45 46 32 32 00
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