Politics and organisation

The Political and administrative responsibilities reside in Regionshuset in Sorø.

Region Zealand is a politically governed institution. The Regional Council is made up of 41 directly elected members who are elected for a four year period. 

The Region does not have the right to impose public taxes but receives funding from the Danish government and the Region’s compromising municipalities by way of legally required models of calculation.

The Regional Council

Region Zealand is overseen by Regionsrådet (The Regional Council) which consists of 41 politicians, who were publicly elected in November 2009.

Council meetings, which are open to the public, are held once a month. When needed political ad hoc committees are established to shed light on current tasks or different areas of interest, and present their assessments to the council.

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The many tasks at the institutions in the region and in Regionshuset are carried out in a dynamic interaction between the various units of the organisation.

Managers and heads of ten administrative  areas and seven cross disciplinary areas, along with the three members of the executive committee, constitute the corporate management of Region Zealand.


Region Zealand has a budget of around 17 billion Danish kroner. The region is not financed by imposing taxes but given money from the state and the local councils, according to a centrally marked out calculation model.

The money is spent on i.a. busses, trains, business development, environmental tasks and the running of social institutions. However, most of the money is spent on hospitals, psychiatric units and other expenses, related to national health services.



Region Zealand
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Visions for the Region Zealand health care system in 2020 

Movie presenting the visions of Region Zealand with subtitles in English.



Region Zealand facts

  • 7.273 sq. km
  • 820.000 inhabitants
  • 17 municipalities
  • Budget of approx. 17 billion DKR


Chairman of The Regional Council:

Jens Stenbæk (link to danish site)